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In the recent years, one of the emerging challenges facing businesses is the transition towards a circular economy, which aims to create a more sustainable society. Such a transition requires circular thinking and an interdisciplinary approach, which encompasses managerial, economic, supply chain, socio-cultural, technical, and environmental considerations. Instead of adopting a linear model, which often refers to a production-consumption-waste approach, a closed loop, circular model should be considered, where products do not simply become waste, but rather, transformed into valuable resources that create sustainable business opportunities. This course ESG531 Circular Economy for a Sustainable Future examines the transformational shifts in business models and supply chains towards circular economy using cases and examples from various countries around the world. Students will learn what the circular economy is, and how to design innovative solutions and policy tools to develop and promote a circular economy.

What you'll learn

    • Linear economy and its challenges

    • From linear to circular

    • Principles, enablers, accelerators, and barriers of a circular economy

    • Technologies enabling the circular transition

    • Business models for a circular economy

    • Case studies for circular business models

    • Supply chains for a circular economy

    • Circularity in industry sectors

    • Innovative policy tools in developing and promoting circular cities

    • Prioritising and implementing circular projects

    • Circular indicators

    • Global perspective: Best practices in circular economy

Learning Outcomes

    • Appraise the scope of a circular economy

    • Verify the role of circular economy in transforming supply chains to enhance business operations

    • Evaluate the best practices in circular economy

    • Examine the principles, enablers, barriers, and accelerators a circular economy

    • Assess various business models in circular economy

    • Recommend policy tools and strategies for managing circular cities



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