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Retaining existing customers and acquiring new customers are vital for all businesses. Good customer service retains existing customers and creates customer satisfaction. This would lead to increased sales and referrals. Your customers are the most powerful form of advertising and marketing. Empathy is crucial to enable you to be able to identify customers’ pain points, and find solutions to address customer needs, build trust and loyalty, and retain customers who would be your organisation’s word-of-mouth (WOM) advertisers.


The workshop will also deal with service process and design. The use of technology, like big data and Artificial Intelligence, will be discussed. We should not lose sight that the customers are real human not artificial. The dangers and pitfalls of excessive use of technology and checklists will be discussed. The human touch remains vital for good customer service.  Handling of difficult customers vis-à-vis satisfied loyal customers will also be discussed in the workshop. 

What you'll learn

    • Understanding customer service excellence

    • Knowing your customers and their pain points

    • Building a culture of empathy and caring for better customer solutions (a service culture)

    • Building customer trust and loyalty

      • Loyal customer to be treated better

      • Rewarding loyal customers vs rewarding complaining customers

      • Loyal vs new customers

    • Designing and managing service process

      • Appreciating that a sale is the beginning of a relationship not the end.

      • Knowing that customers are humans not a data

      • Being aware of pitfalls of technology and checklists in customer service

    • Handling complaints and service recovery

      • Dealing with unreasonable customers

      • Being aware of encouraging complaints to be the new norm.

      • Being aware of rewarding unsatisfied customers over loyal customers

    • Rewarding good customer service


    • Attendees should have a basic understanding of customer service or have worked in a customer facing role

    • Attendees have to bring along their own laptop

Learning Outcomes

    At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

    • Appreciate the essence and ethos of excellence customer service

    • Knowing your customers and their pain points

    • Cultivating a solution-based customer service culture

    • Designing and managing a service process

    • Handling complaints and difficult situations

    • Retaining customers



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